Meet your PEGAS Drive
User manual for counter pressure PET filler
  • No tools are needed for maintenance. It takes a few seconds to disassemble and get ready for work.
  • Bottle holder fits all types of bottle necks and can be easily removed and installed back.
  • Gas check valve – No need to turn off gas supply during maintenance.
  • No fingerprints, stains or dirt remain on matte surface. Handle doesn't slip out even when hands are wet.
Read this user manual carefully and completely before using the filler.
Not for industrial use!
Never use PEGAS Drive for industrial purposes.
PEGAS Drive Functions
PEGAS Drive is a filler for fast and foam-free dispensing of frothy beverages from pressurized tanks into plastic (PET) bottles. The counterpressure method guarantees foam-free dispensing and preserves the beverage even at long-term storage in sealed bottles.
Glass bottles filling is strongly prohibited.
To be used with new PET bottles only.
Follow the operation and safety rules to ensure the product's long life
and safe operation.

Don't want to read?
Watch a video on how to install your PEGAS Drive.

On PEGAS Support YouTube channel you'll find video manuals and techical recomendations for all range of PEGAS devices. Join PEGAS Support on YouTube.
Installation Options
PEGAS Drive can be installed:

Please, note:
  • Distance between the beverage connecting pipe and table top must be at least 450mm (17,7")
  • In case you install two or more devices side by side make sure the distance between their mounting holes is at least 150 mm (6")
  • Drip pan is needed to keep the working surface clean
      Tools needed for installation

      The following is required:
      • hex key S10
      • wrench 19mm (3/4")
      • wrench 30mm (1 3/16")
      • drill bits with 23 mm and 14 mm diameter
        (for wall mounting)
      • food grade LDPE hoses with 9.5 mm (3/8") outside diameter or food grade PVC hoses with 7 mm (1/4") inner diameter
      • hose clamps to fix flexible PVC hoses on nipples
        (if needed)

      It is acceptable to use any other appropriate tools.
      Through Hole Installation
      1. Put the gas supply and drainage hoses into holes (as shown).
      2. Put the hoses on gas supply and drainage nipples accordingly and tighten the clamps.
      3. Put the nut onto connecting pipe.
      4. Install the connecting pipe into the hole and fix it with 5/8" nut from the back side of the wall.
      5. Put the nut onto the beverage nipple and fix the beverage hose on the nipple. Tighten the clamp.
      6. Put the beverage nipple into connecting pipe. Tighten the nut with your hands.
      7. Place the filler vertically on the connecting pipe, tighten the nut.
      8. Install the gas nipple.
      9. Install the drainage nipple.
      Installation on Tower with 5/8" Thread
      1. Put the nut onto connecting pipe.
      2. Put the gasket into the hole in the tower.
      3. Screw the connecting pipe tightly into the column and fix it with 5/8" nut.
      4. Make sure that the connecting pipe is firmly connected to the device.
      5. Install the device vertically on connecting pipe and tighten the nut.
      1. Connect the beverage hose to the keg coupler, to the cooler and then to the beverage nipple.

      2. Connect CO2 from the gas cylinder to the keg coupler and gas nipple with tees and hoses.
      3. Tighten the clamps.

      4. Put the drain hose onto the drainage nipple, put the opposite hose end into the drainage tank.
      Before the first use of PEGAS Drive inspect the device. Make sure the device is installed properly and all connections are tight. Sanitize the device and do the test filling.

      Do not set the pressure higher than 0.25 MPa (36 PSI)
      Don't want to read?
      Watch a video on how to fill with PEGAS Drive.

      On PEGAS Support YouTube channel you'll find video manuals and techical recomendations for all range of PEGAS devices. Join PEGAS Support on YouTube.
      1. Fixing the bottle

      Put the empty PET bottle neck into the bottle holder. Pull the holder and fix the bottle. Make sure the bottle is fixed properly.

      Pressure flow valve must be closed!
      2. Before the filling

      Push the switch handle to harden the bottle. Bring the switch handle back to neutral position.
      3. Filling

      Pull the Switch Handle. Control the pouring speed by turning the pressure flow valve to yourself (as shown). In case of excess foaming reduce the flow by turning the valve in opposite direction.
      4. Stopping

      To stop filling push the Switch Handle to neutral position and close the pressure flow valve. Push the switch handle further to clean the system and reduce foam.
      5. Open the flow pressure valve until the bottle softens.
      6. Hold the bottle and gently release the bottleneck by pushing the bottle holder. Lid the bottle.
      Flow Control Switch Removal
      Foreign objects can get into device from the keg or during the installation. To clean the channels or change the sealing membrane you need to remove the flow control switch.
      1. Disconnect the device from the keg and dismount the keg coupler.

      2. Disconnect the gas nipple or block the gas supply from the gas cylinder.

      3. Push and pull the switch handle to different positions a few times to release the pressure.

      4. Pull the switch handle to the Filling position to access the flow control switch latch.

      5. Press the latch on the switch cover and turn the cover counterclockwise.

      6. Lift up the switch unit.
      When service is completed, align the marks on the switch and put it onto the device body, then turn the switch cover clockwise until the latch clicks into place.

      Assemble the device in reverse order.
      To maintain your PEGAS Drive you need to read this manual carefully and be trained on beer equipment safety. Hoses and device channels are continuously fouled with beverage. You must follow the instructions to clean the device properly.
      Treatment Program
      As a manufacturer of the device, we recommend this treatment program. Please check if this hygienic plan corresponds with sanitary regulations in your country. The efficiency criterion of sanitary and hygienic activities is the final control and microbiological control, if necessary.
      *According to the sanitary rules for the brewing and non-alcoholic production industry SP3244-85.
      The standard is valid in Russia.
      **Recommended antiseptics: Neomoscan Sepa, Termit Galo.
      The exposure of the device to alkaline detergents twice longer
      than recommended in table 3 is strongly forbidden
      Cleansing Procedure
      1. Disconnect the keg with beverage from the supplying system.
      2. Get the keg with maintenance liquid.
      3. Make sure the switch handle is in neutral position.
      4. Install the keg coupler on keg with maintenance liquid.

      5. Place the plastic bottle of small capacity into bottle holder and fix it.
      6. Turn on the pressure flow valve.
      7. Pull the switch handle to Filling position.
      8. After a while the excess of cleaning solution will begin to flow into the drainage channel.

      9. Carry out the treatment in accordance to table.
      10. To stop the maintenance liquid supply push the switch handle to neutral position.
      11. Remove the bottle.
      12. Remove the excess of maintenance liquid from the surface with a clean cloth.
      Storing Maintanance
      In case you need to disassemble the device for storing, clean it with alkaline detergent disinfectant and then rinse it with warm water to clean channels. If the device wasn't cleaned prior to storing, you need to replace all the sealing elements and lead sanitary and hygienic activities before use.