Meet your PEGAS CrafTap SMART
User manual for the first automatic filler on market
PEGAS CrafTap Smart
  • Fast and safe foam-free filling
  • Fits non-transparent bottles, growlers and crowlers of multiple sizes
  • Mobile app to manage CrafTap Smart
  • Easy filling through the app or with the push of a button
  • Semi-automatic cleansing procedure
Read this user manual carefully and completely before using the device.
Not for industrial use!
Never use PEGAS CrafTap SMART for industrial purposes.
Important Safety Information
1. Complete hygienic treatment of the device daily according to the manual.
Regular washing, disinfection and acid cleaning of the device will prevent mineral deposits formation and contamination by microorganisms, and decrease maintenance cost.

2. Do not use the device if there is any potential danger until it is eliminated.

3. Do not use the device with unsupported power unit. Use AC-DСpower adapter with output DC voltage 12V and rated current 5A or higher.

4. Connect the power adapter of the device directly to the socket outlet. Do not use extension cords or any types of unapproved wiring systems.

5. Electrical supply should be protected from moisture, condensation, leaks, or any type of liquid exposition.

6. Do not allow any moisture to reach electrical connectors and electronic components of the device.

7. Containers for filling should be:
- designed to contact with food
- designed to withstand the pressure of 5 bar (73 psi)
- clean, without any odor, visible cracks, burrs, bubbles or any other damages.

8. Do not open the device protective door during fill, cleansing or calibration processes. If the container explodes inside the device, please replace the body regardless if there are any damages due to the explosion.

9. Do not use any equipment under the pressure more than 2.5 bar (36 psi) with the device.

10. If you are not able to fix device failure using producer's fixing recommendations, please do not try to repair the device yourself and contact the qualified technician.
    Follow the operation and safety rules to ensure the product's long life
    and safe operation.


    CraftPad Smart flow control swich
    allows you to pour 6 different types
    of beer per one CrafTap Smart.
    See CraftPad Smart user manual
    for full instructions.

    Remove the device and all parts from the package. Read the documentation and check the contents. Use the mounting parts kit to install and connect the device. If necessary, use a special wrench to assemble/disassemble the filling head.
    Do not throw out the spare parts kit. Except the device, packaging consists of:

    • mounting template х 1 pc
    • CrafTap Smart quick guide х 1 pc

    Device parts:
    • rod х 1 pc
    • bottle holder with mat on it х 1 pc
    • bottle fixing handle х 1 pc

    Mounting parts kit:
    • nut х 2 pcs
    • washer х 2 pcs
    • pin х 2 pcs
    • special wrench х 1 pc
    • straight connector 3/8"-3/8" х 4 pcs
    • tube to hose stem 3/8"-5/16" х 4 pcs
    • power supply adapter х 1 pc
    • power supply wire EUR L=1.2 m х 1 pc
    • power supply wire US L=1.5 m х 1 pc

    Spare parts kit:
    • O-ring PG01.002 x 2pcs
    • O-ring PG02.058 x 1pc
    • O-ring 003 x 3pcs
    • O-ring 006 x 2pcs
    • O-ring 008 x 7pcs
    • O-ring 016 x 2pcs
    • Gasket PG21.004 x 1pc
    • Gasket x 1pc
    • Push sealing x 1pc
        The following is required:
        • drill with 13 mm (0.51") diameter drill bits
        • flat-head screwdriver
        • 13 mm (0.51") wrench
        • food grade LDPE hoses with 9.5 mm (3/8") outside diameter or food grade PVC hoses with 7 mm (1/4") inner diameter
        • hose clamps to fix flexible PVC hoses on nipples (if needed)
        • power jigsaw with a jigsaw blade
        • center punch/pin

        It is acceptable to use any other appropriate tools.
        To install and connect the device, please use the mounting parts kit (included in the packaging).
        Installation and Connections
        1. Fix the mounting template
        and use a center punch or pin to make markings on the table board.
        2. Use a drill and power jigsaw to cut the holes in the table board according to markings.
        3. Use a screwdriver to screw pins into the threaded holes in the bottom of the filler.
        4. Place the filler on the counter top by aligning it with the pre-drilled holes.
        5. Put the washers on, screw the nuts onto the pins, and fix the filler on the table board by tightening the nuts with a wrench.
        6. Insert the rod into the center hole under the table board so that the threaded part of the rod protrudes out of the cam hole.
        7. Screw the bottle holder with a mat on it on the end of the rod as well as the bottle fixing handle to the appropriate location.
        8. Connect the gas, beverage supply, and drainage hoses to the appropriate tubes. See the connection scheme. Drainage consists of two hoses: one of the flask and another one of the filling head.
        Use the 3/8" straight connectors for LDPE hoses.
        Use the additional 3/8" - 5/16" tube to hose stems for PVC hoses.
        Fix hose ends with clamps.

        9. Connect the power adapter to the appropriate device connector under the table board and then connect the device to the power supply line.
        10. Press the "On/Off" button at the rear cover to turn the CrafTap Smart on.
        Make sure that the power supply settings meet requirements:
        100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz.

        Never press the "On/Off" button before the fill process is over.
        IF YOU HAVE

        Please, refer to the connection
        scheme below.

        Control panel
        Pegas Remote
        (avaliable in beta)
        Pegas Remote is a mobile app to manage CrafTap Smart via a phone or tablet.
        Avaliable in GooglePlay and AppStore in beta.

        App Features:
        • Remote filling and callibration
        • Modify filler settings
        • Turn the automatic purging mode on if you use CraftPad Smart (only available in Pegas Remote)
        • Set the adjustment fill size to save more beer while purging beverage supply after every filling (only available in iOS Pegas Remote version)
              SETING UP THE APP
              Connecting to Wi-Fi
              1. Make sure that Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet is turned on.

              2. Connect to PegasSmart_XXXXXX network, where "XXXXXX" —
              is an individual code, found on the nameplate. The nameplate is located on the last page of the quick guide (included in the packaging) or on the base of your CrafTap Smart.
              If you have installed Kaspersky antivirus on your phone or tablet, switch it off first.
              3. Type into your browser.

              4. Enter your username and password to access the web-interface. Select "Log in".
              Username: admin
              Password: admin

              5. It's strongly recommended to change default password for secure management purpose.

              6. Select the "Wi-Fi" tab.
              7. Enter your password for Wi-Fi AP (8 characters or more).

              8. Select "Save".
              Do not change any settings in SSID string.
              Write your password down in a special field of a warranty card in the quick guide
              and keep it safe.
              9. As a result of changing the password, you will
              be thrown out of the web interface.

              10. Reboot the CrafTap Smart by pressing the "On/Off" button, wait 10 seconds and turn it on again.

              11. Repeat steps 1-2. Enter your new password for Wi-Fi AP.
              Only one smartphone or tablet can be connected to CrafTap Smart at a time.
              If you have any troubles with setting up the interface or connection,
              turn the CrafTap Smart off and then back on.
              How to Change the Password
              1. Select the "Password" tab.

              2. You will be prompted to enter your old password, then enter and confirm the new password.

              3. Select "Change" to save changes.

              4. You will be sent to the "Info" tab.
              Write your password down in a special field of a warranty card in the quick guide
              and keep it safe.
              Connecting Your PEGAS CrafTap Smart
              to the App

              1. Install "Pegas Remote" app to your phone or tablet.

              2. Connect your phone or tablet to the CrafTap Smart Wi-Fi network or straight to the device.

              3. Open the App.

              4. If the device isn't found automatically, select "Refresh"
              in the right upper corner of the screen.

              HOW TO FILL USING YOUR

              Preparing Your PEGAS CrafTap Smart
              1. Connect it to power supply.
              2. Open the gas supply valve.
              3. Turn the cooler on (if being used).
              4. Turn the CrafTap Smart on.
              5. Make sure the device is in standby mode (the display shows "0").
              Make sure the container for filling is made of food grade material, clean, undamaged
              and can withstand the pressure of no lower than 5 bar (73 psi).
              Do not use defective or flawed containers.
              Place the Container
              in the PEGAS CrafTap Smart

              1. Open the CrafTap Smart door and turn the bottle fixing handle until it is in line with the mark on the base.
              2. While holding the container for filling with one hand, bring its neck to the center of the rubber gasket and raise the bottle holder with the other hand as close as possible to the bottom of the container. Lower the bottle holder if necessary, depending on the height of the container.
              If the rubber gasket is wet, the container neck will be easier to center.
              HOW TO LOWER AND RAISE
              THE BOTTLE HOLDER

              To raise the bottle holder, hold it from underneath and pull it up slowly.

              To lower the bottle holder, use one hand to turn the cam clockwise all the way, while using the other hand to hold the bottle holder and slowly shift it down.

              Do not hold the rod with your hand.
              Do not put your fingers above the cam stopper when turning the cam.
              3. Secure the container tightly against the filling head by turning the bottle fixing handle clockwise until the container is fixed. Then close the protective door.
              Fill Process
              1. Press "1", "2" or "3" based on the preset fill sizes. The CrafTap will automatically fill the container.

              If you can't remember which number is assigned to which fill size, just press for a long while (1 sec.) and then the number and the fill size will be displayed on the screen.

              You can change the preset amount of beverage for every button in the Service Menu. See "Changing the Amount being Poured".

              By default, the fill size is measured in liters.
              You can switch it to ounces or pints in the menu settings.
              1. Select the beer line on the CraftPad Smart
              2. Press "1", "2" or "3" on the CrafTap Smart.
              2. The screen on the CrafTap Smart will display the amount being filled, then count
              up to that number as the container is being filled.

              Control the pouring speed and pressure release speed by using the "+/-" buttons. The speed will change within 2-3 seconds. You can change the pouring speed from 0.45 to 2.45 l/min (16.0 – 84.0 fl oz/min or 0.8 – 4.3 pt/min).
              3. When the screen displays "End", the fill process is complete.
              4. Lower the bottle by turning the bottle fixing handle counter clockwise until it stops, then open the door.
              5. Take the container out of the CrafTap Smart and close it with a cap as soon as possible to save the beer quality. If foam is present on the rubber gasket of the filling head, wipe it out with a clean damp napless cloth.
              How to Fill Different Amounts
              1. Use "+/–" buttons to set the desired amount.
              Min fill size is 0.1 L (6 fl oz or 0.16 pt).
              Max fill size is 5.0 L (128 fl oz or 10 pt).
              Tuning interval is 0.01 L (0.5 fl oz or 0.01 pt).

              2. Press buttons "1", "2" or "3".

              3. When screen display "End", the container can be removed.
              How to Quickly Stop Filling
              Press "1", "2" or "3" (whichever is filling) to stop the process.
              Never press the "On/Off" button during the filling. Doing so will
              force to stop the process and it is not permitted.
              Purging the beer channel
              IF YOU HAVE
              THE CRAFTPAD SMART

              Purge the beer channel with "GAS" button before changing the beverage sort.

              To start the purging procedure, press and hold buttons "2" and "3" at the same time on CrafTap Smart.
              Typically, a Stout beer is more foamy than a Lager beer. For reasons like this, the CrafTap Smart has been designed to allow making special settings to adapt to different beverages being poured.
              CraftPad Smart will save your settings for each button.
              You can customize every button for a specific beverage.

              The foaming process will depend on beer style, it's temperature and beer supply hose length.

              The foaming can be reduced by adjusting:
              • keg pressure
              • pouring speed
              • pressure release speed

              The basic foaming factor is pressure. The longer the beer supply hose, the more foam will form.
              Try to reduce the pouring speed, pressure release speed, or increase the pressure.
              The speed will change within 2-3 seconds.

              Follow the recommended temperature. If it's not specified, set the beverage temperature at 2-4 °C (36-40 °F). The higher the temperature, the more foam will form.
              The pressure level should be about 0.5 bar (7 psi) higher than the original recommendation.

              For example, to fill a liter:
              Reduce the speed during the fill process.
              Reduce the pressure release speed at the final stage of the fill process.
              If the CrafTap Smart is pouring foam instead of beverage, it's possible that the keg is empty.
              For trouble-free service and fulfilment of the warranty obligations, we recommend servicing the device regularly. The short service manual provided can be used as a checklist. We recommend keeping it near your CrafTap Smart.

              Treatment Program

              *Or other similar means to wash and disinfect the internal surfaces of the process equipment for brewing and non-alcoholic industries.
              ** Or according to the manual of the detergent, if another detergent-disinfectant is chosen.
              *** Until the wash water neutral reaction.

              As a manufacturer of the device, we recommend this treatment program. Please check if this hygienic plan corresponds with sanitary regulations in your country. The efficiency criterion of sanitary and hygienic activities is the final control and microbiological control, if necessary.
              For sanitization, the following is required:
              • Flush keg for treatment fluid, with a recommended volume of at least 20 l (5 gal)
              • Drain tank, recommended volume of at least 20 l (5 gal)
              • Neutral detergent
              • Alkaline detergent disinfectant
              • Acid detergent
              • Small volume flush bottle
              • Mini brush with a sponge or soft synthetic bristles
              • Flexible washing hose with outside diameter of 8 mm (5/16")
              • Personal protection equipment
                  1. Disconnect the keg from the filler and turn your beer cooling system off, if possible. Empty the drain tank.
                  2. Make sure that the ends of the flask and filling unit drain hoses are placed into an empty drain tank of the recommended volume.
                  3. Open the CrafTap Smart door and place an empty flush bottle of a small volume on the bottle holder. Secure it against the filling head by turning the bottle fixing handle clockwise until the flush tank fixes, and close the protective door.
                  4. Ensure that the gas cylinder pressure regulator is set at a pressure not higher than 1.2 bar (17.4 psi).
                  IF YOU HAVE
                  THE CRAFTPAD SMART
                  Wash each CraftPad Smart line separately. You should accomplish the cleansing through beer line #6.

                  Disconnect the keg with beverage from the beer line to be cleaned and connect this beer line to the flush keg with treatment fluid. Select the corresponding button on CraftPad Smart.
                  Cleansing Procedure
                  1. Choose the treatment type. Fill the flush keg with treatment fluid according to the table. Follow steps 1–5 from the next paragraph for every treatment fluid shown in the selected treatment type.
                  2. Connect the keg coupler of the keg with beverage to the flush keg. Start the cleansing procedure on the CrafTap Smart and clean beverage supply
                  for the time indicated in the table.
                  Use personal protection equipment while working with alkali and acid detergents.
                  How to Start Cleansing Procedure
                  on the PEGAS CrafTap Smart

                  1. Press the "MENU" button.
                  2. Hold "SET" button to start the cleansing procedure.
                  3. The cleansing procedure takes 15 minutes.
                  The display will work as a timer during the process.
                  The cleansing procedure can be stopped by pressing "1" "2" or "3" on the control panel.
                  Do not open the door while the treatment fluid is being pumped through the filler.
                  4. Beverage supply cleansing is over. Disconnect the keg coupler from the flush keg, without disconnecting gas and beverage supply. Empty the drain tank.

                  To keep cleanliness till the next usage of the device, do not pour water used for beverage supply line washing.
                  5. Clean the CrafTap Smart flask drainage by using a flexible washing hose with outside diameter of 8 mm (5/16"). Fill the drain tank. When it is full, empty it.
                  Before Pouring the Beverage
                  Every treatment type ends with water rinsing. To remove water from the beverage supply line, start filling and drain it from the line into an empty transparent bottle placed and fixed in the CrafTap Smart. Keep draining the remaining liquid until the clean beverage starts to flow into the bottle.

                  Then stop filling by pressing "1", "2" or "3" on the control panel.
                  Final Stage
                  1. Clean the flask drain channel with a mini brush, and then wipe the drain hole with a sponge dipped in warm water with a neutral detergent. Rinse with hot water.
                  2. Remove the mat from the bottle holder. Twist the filling head bushing off, detach the rubber gasket, and remove the seal from the groove and the O-ring PG02.058 from the hole.
                  3. Wipe the removed components with a sponge dipped in warm water with a neutral detergent. Perform assembly in reverse order.
                  4. Wipe the inside surface of the flask with a sponge dipped in warm water with a neutral detergent.

                  Then wipe the inside and outside surfaces of the flask with a clean wet cloth. Wipe the flask thoroughly inside and outside with a clean lint-free cloth until it is dry.
                  If the device is left unused at night, close the gas cylinder valve. Open it before work.
                  USER MENU
                  The settings of the device (beer names, measure units, fill sizes, sounds etc.) can be changed as well by using the mobile app Pegas Remote (available in beta in App Store and Google Play).
                  1. Press the "MENU" button.
                  2. Hold the "SET" button to start the cleansing procedure.
                  3. The cleansing procedure takes 15 minutes.
                  The display will work as a timer during process.
                  The cleansing procedure can be stopped by pressing "1" "2" or "3" on the control panel.
                  Setting the Sound
                  1. Press the "MENU" button twice.
                  2. Press the "SET" button.
                  3. Adjust the sound with "+" and "–" buttons.
                  sound is off

                  button sounds only

                  system sounds only

                  all sounds
                  are on

                  4. Press "SET" or "MENU" to exit.
                  Setting the Backlight
                  1. Press the "MENU" button three times.
                  2. Press the "SET" button.
                  3. Adjust the backlight with "+" and "–" buttons.
                  backlight is off

                  backlight only

                  backlight only

                  is always on

                  flask backlight is on while filling, cleansing, calibration and purging.
                  It turns off 20 sec. after finish, logo backlight is always off
                  same as previous "2_0" setup, but logo backlight is always on
                  4. For user convenience, the backlight settings are instantly applied without saving. Press "SET" to save settings or "MENU" to exit.
                  SERVICE MENU
                  Service Menu Entry
                  1. Hold the "MENU" button.
                  2. Enter your password using "1", "2" or "3" buttons. The default password is "2123". It's strongly recommended to change default password and keep the new password safe.
                  3. The device is unlocked.
                  If not used for 20 sec., the service menu locks up. Enter your password to unlock it.
                  Changing the Amount being Poured
                  Available after accessing the service menu
                  The preset fill sizes can be changed for "1", "2", and "3" buttons on the control panel with the help of this function.
                  1. Press "SET".
                  2. The current measure unit will be shown. Press the button "1", "2" or "3" to assign the volume.
                  3. Adjust the fill size with "+" and "–" buttons.
                  4. Press "SET" or "MENU" to exit.
                  Setting the Measure Units
                  Available after accessing the service menu
                  1. Press the "MENU" button.
                  2. Press the "SET" button.
                  3. Adjust the units with "+" and "–" buttons.

                  American Ounces

                  British Pints

                  4. Press "SET" or "MENU" to exit.
                  Setting the Time of Bottle Purging
                  Available after accessing the service menu
                  Gas purging is performed to force the air out of the bottle before filling.
                  1. Press the "MENU" button two times.
                  2. Press the "SET" button.
                  3. Adjust the purge time with "+" and "–" buttons.
                  Time is displayed in seconds. Maximum purge time is 15 sec.
                  4. Press "SET" or "MENU" to exit.
                  Door Sensor Settings
                  Available after accessing the service menu
                  1. Press the "MENU" button three times.
                  2. Press the "SET" button.
                  3. Use "+" and "-" buttons to turn the sensor on or off.
                  4. Press "SET" or "MENU" to exit.
                  Calibration of PEGAS CrafTap Smart
                  Available after accessing the service menu
                  Calibration is needed if the amount displayed does not correspond with the actual amount poured. To calibrate, use a bottle larger than 1 liter which can withstand the pressure of no lower than 5 bar (73 psi). Use a low-foaming beverage.
                  1. Press the "MENU" button four times.
                  2. Hold the "SET" button to start the calibration procedure.
                  3. Wait until CrafTap Smart pours 1 liter.
                  4. When 1 liter is poured check the actual amount filled.
                  5. Enter the difference between the volume filled and 1 liter (in milliliters). Example: If the actual volume is 985 ml — press "-" for "-15".
                  6. Press "SET" to save settngs.
                  As soon as the calibration is complete, make a test filling to check the settings accuracy. Repeat the procedure if needed.
                  Changing the Password
                  Available after accessing the service menu
                  For example your password is "2213".
                  1. Press the "MENU" button five times.
                  2. Press the "SET" button.
                  3. Set the password with 4 digits by using "1", "2"
                  and "3" buttons.
                  the first digit

                  the second digit

                  the third digit

                  the fourth digit

                  4. Press "SET" or "MENU" to exit.
                  Error messages and fixing recommendations

                  E0 – No power supply
                  Make sure that the device is plugged in.

                  E1 – Pressure is lower than 0.5 bar (7 psi)
                  Increase the pressure using the regulator on the gas cylinder.

                  Е2 – Pressure is higher than 3 bar (43 psi)
                  Reduce the pressure by using the regulator.

                  E3 – The beverage is over
                  Change the keg.

                  E4 – The bottle is not fixed or is absent
                  Make sure that the bottle is fixed correctly.

                  E5 – The door is opened
                  Close the protective door and repeat the procedure.

                  E6 – Beer sort is not chosen (if CraftPad Smart in use)
                  Chose the beer sort by pressing the button with corresponding number (1 to 6) on CraftPad Smart.

                  E9 – Hardware error
                  Contact the service center.
                  If you are not able to solve the issue by yourself, please contact a qualified technician for assistance. To appeal to the customer service, use the serial number of the device located on the base of your CrafTap Smart (near the nameplate and "On/Off" button).
                  TECHNICAL DATA
                  *Larger glass bottles can not be used until tested by the device manufacturer.